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AuSable River Canoe Shuttle Service


To spot your car prior to trip.
Burtons $20
Stephan $25
Wakeley $35
McMasters $40
Parmalee $45
Camp10 $50
Mio $60
Alcona $75
Loud Dam $80
5 Channel $85
Cook Dam $95
Foote Dam $100
Oscoda $125
To haul back with rentals
Same Day
Canoes $15
Kayaks $10
Overnight Trips
Canoes $25
Kayaks $20
Launch/Facility Fees
Canoes $15
Kayaks $10

To allow you to travel on your own time frame and to keep shuttle costs low, we offer shuttle service prior to your trip.

All shuttle fees include the launch of two watercraft.  Additional watercraft are at a launch/facility fee of $10 each.

There is no miscommunication of where the keys and/or your vehicle were left. These decisions are under your control.

Unload your watercraft at Borchers, drive to your destination, our driver will pick you up and bring you back to Borchers to start your trip.

Parking arrangements and fees are your responsibility. State access sites require a recreation passport. Michigan residents check your license plate you probably opted for your passport when you renewed your license plate.

You may obtain a pass at the campground bulletin board or at Hartwick Pines State Park prior to your trip.
Michigan Residents: $11 Out of State Residents: $ 8.40 day, $30.50 seasonal

Emergency Contact Numbers:
Crawford County Sheriff 989-348-6341
Oscoda County Sheriff 989-826-3214
Alcona County Sheriff 989-724-6271

Currently at Borchers