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Kayaks – What you need to know when renting on the AuSable River

Kayaks are great fun and continue growing in popularity!

While canoes are classic and one size fits most, kayaks come in different sizes and choices.

Sit on Top Kayaks

  • Easy to empty should you tip over
  • Great for catching a few rays
  • Add some sit on top kayaks to your canoe group and let everyone take a turn

Cockpit Kayaks

  • Storage in the nose and tail
  • Adjustable seats and footpegs
  • Good for camping (limited storage)
  • Additional coverage between you and the elements especially early and late canoe season

Tandem Kayaks

  • Paddling requires a little more teamwork and coordination
  • Great for an adult and a kid

Size Matters!

Be sure to review the following chart and let us know the kayak that will work for you when making your reservation.

Kayak Length Width Weight Capacity
Sit on Tops      
Old Town Sandpiper 9'6" 28.5" 225 lbs
Jackson Riveria 11'4" 30" 275 lbs
Cockpit Kayaks      
Jackson Regal 11'4" 39" 300 lbs
Old Town Loon 111 11'1" 28" 275 lbs
Old Town Loon 138 13'8" 29.5" 380 lbs
Perception Impulse 10.0 10' 29.5" 275 lbs
Perception Prodigy 10.0 10' 29.5" 275 lbs
Perception Prodigy 12.0 12' 27.5" 350 lbs
Tandem Kayaks      
Old Town Loon Tandem 13'8" 29.5" 380 lbs
Old Town LoonTandem 14'11" 30" 575 lbs
Old Town Dirigo Tandem 15'3" 29.5" 475 lbs
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